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Social Anxiety Therapy in London

Social anxiety or social anxiety phobia is experienced by a large number of people and this form of anxiety appears to be on the increase. Often there are triggers that start a bout of anxiety, examples of this may be dealig with certain social groups, such as going out for drinks with work colleagues, meeting a group of friends you don' know as well or being in a group of strangers. People can have feelings that range from mild discomfort through to full blown social anxiety phobia response.

Sometimes the feelings of anxiety occur due to previous incidents that have happened in your life, these previous incidents leave an inprint on the thought process and can make it more difficult when exposed to simila situations in the future. We will work with you to fully understand your anxiety based issue and undestand why the anxiety attack occurs, when it starts, how long it lasts and what it feels like for you. The more detail we have then the better equipped we are to help you make long lasting change in dealing with your anxiety disorder.

Phobic Anxiety

Phobic anxiety is another general phrase that is used to explain a phobic response to an anxious situation. We help our clients to discover whe they are suffering with phobic anxiety and we enable them to address the route cause. In doing this we are able to help them work through their response and discover a new calmer way of handling the situation. 

Our tried and tested techniques have helped many clients in overcoming social anxiety and shyness and empowered them to feel more confident in their lives.

You should be reassured that in contacting us you are making the first steps towards taking conrol back and enabling yourself to have a happier and more fulfilling life. That is free of any social anxiety phobia and phobic anxiety.

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