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Family Therapy in London

Family Therapy in London has been available from us for a number of years. We have grown since our inception and work with a variety of people focussing on therapy not just for families but also for individuals. Below we have listed our various areas of expertise and if you believe the time is right then you can get in touch and arrange an appointment today.

It can be difficult to put into words just how important the mind is to our overall health and well being. Here at uptopsolutions we work with our clients to gain optimal results by employing many different methodologies available in counselling. In doing this we find and utilise those that work best for you and increase the amount of happiness and control you have in your life. In using our services it is our intention to make long lasting improvements to your life that are long lasting and will bring you increased joy. 

In our work we have managed to make significant and lasting change to clients in a single session. For others it is a longer process again we will take your personal situation feelings, thoughts and needs in to account when looking at a plan for you.

During our time we have worked with people from a number of different backgrounds. It is always our aim to use the most appropriate therapy for you and your condition. From celebrities to FTSE100 CEO and from nurses and teachers to OAPs there really is a vast spectrum of people out there who need help with their issues.

At our core is compassion and intgrity. Working with some of our rich and famous clients means that we have our own Non Disclosure Agreement that we are happy to work under. Alternatively provide us yours and we will have our legal team review and check we're OK to work under those terms.

The above links will offer more information but in brief the following are some of the key areas we work in:

Family Therapy

We can offer solutions working through the family to help pull you together as a unit. With all the pressures of work that have a compacting effect on family life it can often become a pain point for many families. Memebers of the family grow and change and it is important that each member of the family can accept this and be aware of the impact on others. By working in partnership with a third party you can take the heat out of some of the family discussions. There can be a stigma attached to family therapy or family counselling so we are happy to visit you in your home or on holiday and even pretend to be someone you know through work/sports club etc to deliver help and support to those who are resistant.


Counselling is a big part of what we do across all our different disciplines. We use a wide variety of counselling techniques to help our clients address their issues and deal with them in an appropriate way. Our counselling services are generally used with other talking therapies to help deliver long lasting change on behalf of our clients. We believe that our blend of counselling services are one of the strongest and potent avaiilable in the market place today. Whilst our prices may seem a little higher than some many of our clients have had quick results with us after spending many years in therapy with some of our competitors.

Addiction therapy in London

As our founder has been based in London for much of his life he has had exposure to many who suffer from a variety of addictions. Stopping smoking, drinking too much alcohol, food addiction are relatively common. There are however those with more diverse afflictions such as addiction to sex. We work in tandem using several techniques to help you address your problem and deal with it effectively and efficiently. Moving one step at a time towards an addiction free life.

Fears and Phobia Cures in London

Some have been paralysed by an inate fear of flying, others unable to leave the house frozen by a phobic response. Fear and phobia form a large part of what we do here people who suffer from fears, phobias & other forms of stress triggers  

Life Coaching in London

life coaching work coaching and business coaching are offered using the latest techniques to enable you to determine what's of most importance, analyse what your goals, objectives and ambitions are in life and then work with you to develop a plan to fulfill these dreams. We have worked with some very high ranking individuals including FTSE 100 companies and celebrities.

Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks in London

Social anxiety and panic attacks in London are becoming more commonplace we offer a variety of solutions to help you address your social axiety and or panic attacks. Using our blended approach we provide long lasting results that are truly life changing.

London Depression

London Depression is a very specific type of depression that occurs from the unique pressures and strains of living in London. The term "London Depression" appears to be coming more widespread in our industry as we help peole living in London deal with their depressed state. Our belnd of therapies will enable you to deal with your specific depression triggers head on and enable you to lead a healthier, happier more fulfilling life.

The future is constantly evolving, allow us to help you create the future that you want.

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