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Phobia Treatment

Phobia treatment can have a massive impact on peoples lives. We have worked with many people sho have lived with phobias that had a negative affect everyday. This could be a phobia of travelling on the tube, phobia of dogs when your partner has a dog, fear of needles when you're diabetic etc.

Phobias can paralyse some people, the impact their phobias have on their life can be massive. There are many different reasons that people can develop phobic responses, often it is due to a certain event or trigger that has happened. The great news is that by using our various solutions we can usually treat most phobias in 1 or 2 sessions so call us today for a session and rid yourself of that pesky phobia. 

Below I have listed a few examples of phobias and the reasons they may occur.

Dog Phobia

Dog phobia - You may as a child have been bitten by a dog, from this event you have decided that dogs are all dangerous and so in order to keep yourself safe you produce a fear response to all dogs, whilst this is an obvious way to keep you safe it is not always an ideal response, especially if someone you know or love has a pet pooch.

Fear of Flying

Fear of flying - Some people really struggle with the fear of flying, the whole build up to getting on the plane is like a torture as they think about the dreaded journey that lays ahead. There are many reasons that this phobic response to flying can build up, one may have been teased as a child about how dangerous flying is, you may have encountered difficulties during a flight such as turbulance or you may actually have claustrophobia and acutally be more scared of the confined space than the actual act of flying.

Fear of Spiders

Fear of spiders - Fear of spiders is a very common problem, often this phobic response to spiders is someting that we develop as children and then carry through to adulthood. For some this can be very sever responses indeed leading to a very paniced response just at the sight of a spider.

Fear of Needles

Fear of Needles - Fear of needles can often be developed in childhood when you first go for an injection. Whilst waiting in the queue all you can hear is other children crying and complaining. Naturally this builds your own fear and stress levels. We can work with you to reduce your fear on needles by using our phobia treatments.

The great news is that as with all the items we have talked about here there are a number of different phobia treatment solututions to help you deal with your fears and phobic responses to different things. We will work closely with you to understand your phobic response, if required we can explore where this has come from and why. We will then move on to help you change your response to the trigger situation and enable you to have a better response to the situation in which you find yourself, using a more suitable response to the situation at hand, usually this only takes 1 or 2 sessions.

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