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Family Therapy in London

Family therapy is available from our specialist team. Family therapy is a complex and far reaching emotional roller coaster. The techquiniques needed to address the families requirements for therapy will have to be varied. Depending on who we are taliking to in the family we will adapt and use the most appropriate methods to best deliver a rounded family therapy. Rob himself has a disabled son so he has first hand experience of dealing with very challenging circumstances that can put relationships and families in stressed situations.

Why would families need family therapy?

In the beginning:

Couple counselling

This is often required when a couple are getting ready to settle down. Seemingly well matched couples can often carry reasons resentments and unsettled sentiments in to a relationship. It is best to get these all out in the open and be honest and frank about your relationship, the strengths and weaknesses and discuss what you both want out of the relationship in the short medium and long term. How your parents reacted to each other will have had a big impact on what you believe a relationship should be, this combined with your learning from other relationships may mean that you or your partner or both have some issues that need to be resolved to work towards a happy and healthy partnership.

New arrivals

The arrival of a new born baby throws a small family unit into chaos. The arrival of this new bundle of joy means that both the mother and father have to adapt to their new roles. Mum may suffer from post natal depression and Dad may struggle with the new reduced amount of attention. Baby may well be contributing to difficulties with sleeping problems. Furthermore there can be problems with the extended family as they too want to be involved and may well be too overbearing. As you can see there are plenty of reasons why family therapy and coping techniques would prvie helpful to all concerned.

The growing child

As children grow and develop there can often be family rifts. What starts as simple problems can grow to really large seemingly impossible family feuds. Different family members may not be talking to each other and there may be the need for some strategy and advice to help resolve these. There are many reasons and ways to fall out our aim through family therapy is to work with all members of the family to come up with suitable reasonable ways forward.

Extended family

Dealing with extended family on either or both sides can often be a difficult process. Sometimes there are difficulties that have built up which may or may not be reasonable. We are not hear to judge we are here to guide you and any of your family members that are willing to be involved towards a happy, peaceful and worthwhile way of communicating.

In general

There is no stigma that should be attached to getting family therapy for those you love most, in todays fast paced life there are plenty of other issues. Your family should be your sanctuary from this.

If you think you have family issues and would benefit from some advice or family therapy and if you are in London based then feel free to contacts to arrange an appointment.

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