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London Depression

"London Depression" is a phenomenon that we know is being more widely talked about than ever before. The syptoms are that people feel a specific London Depression that is bought on largely due to the unique circumstances associated with living in this city of ours.

London Depression is often associated with a feeling of isolation, the irony is that Greater London has a population of over 7.5 million and yet many Londoners feel isolated and alone. Why? Because of the nature of the London lifestyle people don't stop and chat like they do in other parts of the country. You may not have even spoken to any of your neighbours. A good network of friends that you once had may have moved job or moved out of London or they may have settled down to have a family. Travelling on public transport can be another contributing factor as well as the struggle to meet new people and try new things. All these can have a negative effect as they can compound and cause that specific London Depression.

The good news is that counselling and talking therapies can really help with this. The combination of counselling, meditation and life coaching can cause dramatic changes in those suffering with London Depression.


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