Therapy in London that works

For client confidentiality all the below names have been changed. We would never disclose any information about our clients not least because we could be out of business if we did! But below are some of the nice things people have said about us:

"Many thanks for our recent sessions, I had a terrible dog phobia and now I can look after my bofriends dog when he is out. It is a truely unbelievable and life changing event for me - thanks you soooo much." Heather

"Our family was at a crisis point, our daughter had grown up quickly and we had all grown appart, every day seemed more like war and less like the family unit I had always dreamed of. My husband and I were close to divorce and things had gotten really bad. We got in touch with Rob for some family therapy and it was the best thing we have done. My partner and I have found a new understanding with each other and now have a deeper and more loving relationship. The children have benefitted from 1 on 1 therapy which they actually enjoyed! We now have a much more family centred approach where we are all more thoughtful about what we do and say about each other - for us that's a massive turnaround." The Johnsons  

"I had battled with addiction to cocain for the last 7 years, I had ebs and flows s to how much I was using and it had all started to get out of control. Rob used a combination of therapies some of which were quite fun, ithelped me to address the issue using a blend of therapy and humor that I haven't experienced from a therapist before. I've now been clean for 6 months!" Richard

"I am a working mother of 2, after the youngest started wschool I was wanting to return to work, having previously worked in law, I was unsure if I wanted to go back into the legal profession or start my own business. We did a full blown life and work coaching plan which was great. We worked through exactly what was important to me and what I wanted to do, we weighed up the pros and cons of the different areas and developed a proper plan. Brilliant work Rob, Im now running my own business which is much more flexible, I love the independence this brings!" Rebecca

"My fear of the dark has now gone, I've no real idea how or why, but Rob!" Sammy

"I used to feel uneasy in social groups and settings, after just 4 sessions I now feel absolutely fine with them. Thanks a million" Sandy

"It's hard to believe I ever had a fear of flying now! Wish I'd come sooner." Eve

"I thoght it'd take more than 2 sessions to get me on the tube again - outstanding" Fran