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Addiction Therapy and Substance Abuse in London

London based addiction therapy is available from us. Addiction and substance abuse is a broad subject to cover. There are the obvious cases of drug addiction and alcoholism, but then there are also more unusual addiction such as diet related and sex addiction.

The improtant thing in all cases of addiction and substance abuse is to remember that these are usually acts of the mind. We like what we are doing for some reason and our body craves the substance or action that it has become used to.

In the case of drug addiction there are a number of different types of drug which may be either pyshically or psychologically addictive. The treatments for different addictions or dependancies on drugs will depend on the individual. As most of us know cold turkey is the short sharp shock of removing the drug that someone in addicted to. This can cause side effects as the body deals with the readjustment necessary to get better. 

The use of counselling and hypnotherapy for smoking cesation is well known, people often form habbits around somking for example they may have a cigarette with their morning coffee. Often breaking the cycle of events is the key to stopping smoking. This may involve either replacing the cigarette with patches to reduce craving or going cold turkey  and allowing the body to addapt.

Diet addictions can be in various forms. One person may have the problem of habitually not eating or binge eating and then been sick. Annorexia and bulemia are increasing as in particualr young girls obsess about how they look. There are other cases where people may habitually eat the wrong type of foods which can lead to excessive weight gain.

With any unusual eating pattern it is helpfull to analyse what you are eating when and make an honest log of just what is going on. Addicition to eating and annorexia are genrally by products of an unhealthy mind.

Addiction to sex is often seen as an amusing subject, but naturally it can have devastating effects on relationships and families. If someone is a sex adict then they will find it exremely difficult to hold down a monogomus relationship and possibly a job. There fascination with sex and the act of having sex may have become an obsession which is proving difficult to deal with. Addiction therapy in London is available from us in various clinics around London. We also can carry out home visits if this is more appropriate.

With all of the above there are a variety of different approaches and solutions that can be applied to help give you contol back over your life. Addiction can seem difficult to deal with or it may not even appear as such at first, the important thing to do is accept you have a problem and then come and see us or go to another therapist specialist to start to make change for the better.

With addiction you need to be honest with yourself and ask "Am I an addict?" if you suspect the answer is yes then call us to dicuss things further.

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