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Family Therapy

There are so many reasons that family therapy is a great idea. In todays fast paced life there are so many reasons for families to have issues and difficulties with each other. High quality family therapy can work wonders for a family that finds itself in crisis, the reasons a family can find it difficult are wide and varied due to the diverse nature of family and the difference of the human nature.

Any family member that wants to be involved in the therapy will be involved in the process, we will produce a full work up to understand your family, the challenges you face together and individually and we will help your family to better understand each other through the use of appropriat family therapeutic techniques.

Before engaging in full blown family therapy you need to consider just what it is that is required, the more thought you give this before the sessions begin then the better placed we will be to move through a famly therapy program quickly. Should you find it too difficult or complex to do this then we are happy to assist.

Ideally we want to know what each member of the family wants individually and what the family wants collectively. This may sound simple, but this is often where the conflict is as the different family members pull in different directions and have different ideas.

As specialists in both child therapy as well as general therapy we are well placed to help your family work through any difficulties you have.

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