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Therapeutic Approaches

Drawing on a vast experience we can give therapy solutions picked to best suit your specific needs. Treatment with us is all about you a you centric complete therapy solution that will take in to account who you are, what you want and what you need.

We will draw from the best diisciplines of a variety of therapies that we will discuss with you in detail. If you know the type of therapy that you want then you can choose from psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy,  nlp, life coaching, reiki, celebrity therapy and child therapy.

If your not sure what these therapies are then I will explain in a bit more detail below


Psychotherapy/Counselling is a general term referring to therapeutic interaction or treatment contracted between a trained professional and a client or patient; family, couple or group. The problems addressed are psychological in nature and of no specific kind or degree, but rather depend on the specialty of the practitioner.


Psychotherapy aims to increase the individual's sense of his/her own well-being. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavior change that are designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient, or to improve group relationships (such as in a a family).


Hypnosis is a trance state that enables people to relax fully and deeply. Whilst in this state it is possible to change habbits and mental programming. For example many people have experienced great success in quitting somking by using hynotherapy techniques.


Hypnotherapy can often appear scary to many as they have only seen or been exposed to stage hynosis where people usually appear to be out of it, doing only what the hypnotist says. The reality is usually that these subjects have been carefully chose, firstly they have volunteered, hoping to be chosen, once chosen they will feel that they have to be a part of the show and there will be a certain amount of group pressure to perform. Besides they can do anything and blame the hypnotist!

The reality is that hypnosis is a very relaxing and pleasant state that may of us enter in to everyday. For example when driving long journeys and your not sure where the last 10 minutes have gone is a typical example of a trance state.


NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is a spin off from hypnosis. Developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder it is a much more visual and subtle version of hypnosis. It contors more closely to the individuals perception of the world and their way of reacting to certain circumstances and situations. NLP is widely used by Anthony Robbins and Derren Brown for much of their work. Many NLP techniques can be used with great and long lasting effect.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the art of helping someone to transform their own life. In helping them discover where they are at and where they would like to be in life you can then go on to enable them to develop and follow through on a plan of change and development. Life coaching would generally entail some or all of the therapies here to help support you in your needs for development and improvement.


Reiki can be used to help people relax and get in a deeply medatitive state. Reiki is the channelling of energy and light for the purposes of healing and helping others. The hands may be laid on a subject in certain areas such as shoulders neck back or also be held away from the body. When using reiki you can actually feel the hands heating as the energy is channelled.

Celebrity Therapy

Celebrity Therapy is training I have undertaken to carry out specific forms of therapy when dealing with celebrities or in some cases the wealthy. These techniques help me to deal with people successfully and give them the solutions or changes they need.

Child Therapy

Child Therapy is another area where I have undertaken a masterclass to fully understand the needs of children which can sometimes be complex. It is also essential to know how to handle and shape the therapy to be relevant to the child and the wider family.


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